CollaborationsAndrew Moore

Bach Studies

CollaborationsAndrew Moore
Bach Studies

Antwerp, 2019

As a second-time collaboration with French choreographer Benjamin Millepied, this work continues UVA’s explorations on the dialogue between dance, architecture and music, creating a dynamic set that articulates the stage like a body.

This set of kinetic sculptures fly above the performers and create evolving composition of light and moment, programmed to work together with the choreography and to convey different moods during the performance.

Drawing from the music of Bach and the principle of counterpoint, the stage deconstructs levels of complexity and exposes multiple facets that work independently, while simultaneously perform as a single entity. Ultimately, Bach Studies explores the complex relationship between stage, choreography and score, as three interdependent elements.

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied 
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach 
Set and lighting design: United Visual Artists 
Costumes: Alessandro Sartori 
Dancers: Dansers Opera Ballet Vlaanderen 
Images 1,4,5,6,7,8,10,12 and 13 by Filip Van Roe