Spirit Of The City

Spirit Of The City

New York, 2018

Steel, Glass, Electronics, Code

14 x 4 x 3m

Commissioned by Brooklyn-based creative space A/D/O, Spirit of the City (2018) is a site-specific installation investigating the physical and emotional response people experience when navigating an urban environment.

The installation is a modular system of revolving mirrored columns set on a grid configuration. Through the orchestrated rotation of these columns, dynamic compositions of movement, reflection, light and shadow constantly transform the space, articulating a seemingly organic behaviour that is poetically linked to New York City’s activity.

The combined rotation of the columns is orchestrated to create different patterns of motion, expressing a number of moods that range from dormant to hectic — playful to chaotic. These patterns of movement unfold during a 24-hour cycle that has been pre-programmed to reflect the daily activity of New York, based on selected data that reveals levels of human activity in the city, such as energy demand patterns and traffic flow.

Challenging human perception, UVA aim to stir visitors towards a visceral reaction, as they move through the installation. Ultimately, the piece alludes to the mutual influence between people and the cities they live in.

Elements is a dynamic sculpture which captures the image of the viewer and reflects it in manifold perspectives, rendering a deconstructed scene that remains in constant transformation.

Presented alongside Spirit of the City, this artwork utilises the same reflective materials and rotary motion to create a more intimate experience, where the viewer’s image dominates the scene against his environment. These two different manifestations of the same topic aim to question the scale difference between the individual and the mass, our organic nature and the tech-infused architecture.