Milan, 2014

Stainless Steel, Speakers, Lasers, Code

The sculptural light installation Parallels comprises three radiating dials, appearing free from source and gravitational pull. Each cylindrical form bathes the viewer in shards of emissive light with seemingly omnipotent force, obscuring all external stimulus and creating a mise-en-abyme experience for the participant.

Assuming the form of a porthole or transformative gateway, each visitor is invited into their own atmospheric world which in turn, can only be activated by those willing to engage. This interplay between present forces creates a heightened sensory awareness which is syncopated through the individual’s own movements.

The artwork responds to UVA’s continuing fascination with the unknown, the imagined and the forces beyond our understanding. Through a combination of deprivation and concentration, the viewer is forced to confront both their own limitations and capacity for curiosity.